2018-12-20 Boole v40r2

This version uses Lbcom v30r2, LHCb v50r2, Gaudi v30r5 and LCG_94 with ROOT 6.14.04.

This version is a development release for all simulations

This version is released on master branch. The previous release on master branch was Boole v40r1.

Please see Gaudi, LHCb, Lbcom release notes for detailed log of all changes

New features


  • Change from double to float in UT noise simulation, LHCb!1487, Lbcom!276, !179 (@abeiter)
    Causes tiny changes to output of tests

  • Clean up RichReadout memory management, !176 (@jonrob)
    Addresses a minor memory leak on application exit, found by leak sanitizer.

  • Adapt to version Track object, !167 (@sstahl)
    Just adds missing dependencies to TrackEventLib

  • Convert MCHitInjector to Gaudi Functional, !165 (@mbieker) [LHCBSCIFI-144]

  • Update DDDB default global tags to follow lhcb-conddb/DDDB!16, LHCb!1639 (@cattanem)
    Updates particle properties to PDG 2018

    dddb-20180726 for 2010
    dddb-20180726-1 for 2011
    dddb-20180726-2 for 2012 and 2013
    dddb-20180726-3 for 2015, 2016, 2017 and 2018

    Includes also updates discussed in LHCBGAUSS-1224 (new description of M1 and speedup in RICH simulation)

Bug fixes

  • RichReadout : Fix clang errors in RichPixel.h, !183 (@jonrob)

  • Fix untested StatusCode in LumiTool, !182 (@cattanem)

  • Protect 32-bit overflow when building rawBank word in CaloFillRawBuffer, LHCb!1529 (@deschamp)

Code modernisations and cleanups

  • Use dt-* branches instead of CondDB().useLatestTags, !186 (@clemenci) [LHCBPS-1813]

  • Removed unused import of CondDBAccessSvc configurable, !185 (@clemenci)

  • Remove unused variables, !184 (@cattanem)
    Fixes clang warnings from Muon packages

  • Remove packages list from BooleSys/CMakeLists.txt, !178 (@cattanem)
    Packages list was needed for SVN, no longer necessary with Git

  • fix gcc8 warnings, !174 (@graven)

  • Refactor UT code out of ST libraries, !170 (@abeiter)
    UT classes are created from copies of ST classes. UT configuration within C++ and python code is updated to use UT libraries.

  • Switch to new counters, LHCb!1550, Lbcom!284, !175 (@sponce)

Changes to tests

  • Updated test-genfsr.qmt, !187 (@dfazzini)
    Updated the test adding a check for each value stored in the genFSR (counters, cross-sections and efficiencies)