2019-02-12 Boole v40r3

This version uses Lbcom v30r3, LHCb v50r3, Gaudi v31r0 and LCG_95 with ROOT 6.16.00.

This version is a production release for Upgrade simulation with FT v6 encoding

This version is released on master branch. The previous release on master branch was Boole v40r2.


  • Modified FT clustering according to updated v6 raw data format, LHCb!1709 !192, !193 (@sesen)
    The data format is changed as follows:

    • small clusters are same as before, size flag is set to 0
    • begin fragment of large has size flag 1 and fraction flag 1 [all first fragments have size 4 therefore fraction is always 1 anyway]
    • end fragment has size flag 1 and fraction flag 0. In order to be able to recover information of the real fraction, the channel number of the cluster is not the center channel but the last fired channel.

    The new encoding and decoding version is v6.
    Due to a bug in v5, small increase will be seen in hit efficiency with v6.

  • FT attenuation interpolation, !169 (@mbieker) [LHCBSCIFI-116]
    First Version of LYAM interpolation with parameters from @cgerber. Not used by default

Code modernisations and cleanups

Changes to tests

  • Update LHCbTest to support checking of 1D histograms and profile histograms, LHCb!1661 (@jonrob)
    Extends the logic used to compare counters to also compare the stats printed for 1D histograms and profile histograms.

  • Fixed code checking counters/Histogram for when no ref exists, LHCb!1705 (@sponce)