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Add new CopyProtoParticle2MCRelations cloner.

Similar to the existing CopyParticle2MCRelations cloner, but it
specialises the cloner template that takes the relations tables
locations rather than the particle locations. This is useful when you
want use existing relations tables made from generic containers of
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// Include files
// from MicroDST
#include "MicroDST/RelationsFromParticleLocationsClonerAlg.h"
#include <MicroDST/ICloneMCParticle.h>
#include "MicroDST/BindType2ClonerDef.h"
// from DaVinci
#include "Kernel/Particle2MCParticle.h"
/** @class CopyProtoParticle2MCRelations CopyProtoParticle2MCRelations.h
* Near-duplicate of the CopyParticle2MCRelations microDST algorithm that
* copies weighted LHCb::ProtoParticle to LHCb:MCParticle relations, rather
* than weighted LHCb::Particle to LHCb:MCParticle relations.
* Another difference is that this algorithm is a specialisation of the
* MicroDST::RelationsClonerAlg template class, rather than the
* MicroDST::RelationsFromParticleLocationsClonerAlg class that
* CopyParticle2MCRelations specialises. With this difference, this class
* takes TES locations of relations tables as input, rather than taking
* particle locations and trying to deduce the relations table location from
* that. It will then take the locations of the associated LHCb::Particle
* objects by interrogating the relations table itself.
typedef LHCb::RelationWeighted1D<LHCb::ProtoParticle, LHCb::MCParticle, double> PP2MCPTable;
template <> struct BindType2Cloner<PP2MCPTable>
typedef LHCb::MCParticle ToType;
typedef ICloneMCParticle ToCloner;
template<> struct Defaults<PP2MCPTable>
const static std::string clonerType;
const static std::string relationsName;
const std::string Defaults<PP2MCPTable>::clonerType = "MCParticleCloner";
template<> struct Location<PP2MCPTable>
const static std::string Default;
const std::string Location<PP2MCPTable>::Default = "NO DEFAULT LOCATION";
typedef MicroDST::RelationsClonerAlg<PP2MCPTable> CopyProtoParticle2MCRelations;
DECLARE_NAMED_ALGORITHM_FACTORY(CopyProtoParticle2MCRelations, CopyProtoParticle2MCRelations)
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