Commit 3bd61429 authored by Eduardo Rodrigues's avatar Eduardo Rodrigues
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Run linting on all DaVinci files

parent 6a182a3a
......@@ -39,5 +39,4 @@ python-linting:
- . /cvmfs/
# Only run the pyflakes linter and a few select pycodestyle errors
# TOD: package DaVinciTests/ does not fully pass the linter checks!
- flake8 --exclude '*' --exclude './Phys/DaVinci/python/DaVinci/' --select=F,E71,E9,W1,W6 $(find Phys/DaVinci -name '*.py')
- flake8 --exclude '*' --select=F,E71,E9,W1,W6 $(find . -name '*.py')
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