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Merge branch 'release-v45r6' into 'run2-patches'

release notes for v45r6

See merge request !476
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......@@ -16,9 +16,9 @@ find_package(GaudiProject)
# Declare project name and version
gaudi_project(DaVinci v45r5
USE Analysis v21r5
Stripping v14r4p4
gaudi_project(DaVinci v45r6
USE Analysis v21r6
Stripping v14r4p5
DATA AppConfig VERSION v3r*
FieldMap VERSION v5r*
ParamFiles VERSION v8r*
2020-11-22 DaVinci v45r6
This version uses Gaudi v34r1, LHCb 45r5, Lbcom v23r0p5, Rec v24r5, Phys v26r6, Analysis v21r6, Stripping v14r4p5 and uses LCG_97a with ROOT 6.20.06.
This version is released on `run2-patches` branch and is intended for use with Run1 or Run2 data. For Run3, use a version released on `master` branch.
Built relative to DaVinci [v45r5](../-/tags/v45r5), with the following changes:
### New features ~"new feature"
- Upstream project highlights :star:
### Fixes ~"bug fix" ~workaround
- Upstream project highlights :star:
### Enhancements ~enhancement
- Upstream project highlights :star:
### Code cleanups and changes to tests ~modernisation ~cleanup ~testing
- Adapt tests to new Gaudi monitoring, !440 (@rmatev)
- Tesla.sharedcontainers test: Fix the precision of the validator comparison, !438 (@cattanem)
- Normalized a bit test fsr.davinci-merge-small-files, !437 (@cattanem)
- Replace tabs by spaces to please Python 3, fix indentation, remove end of line spaces, !436 (@cattanem)
- Remove StrippingCache, !429 (@masmith) [lhcb-dpa/project#39,lhcb-dpa/project#46]
- Fixes to merge-small-files test analogous to those in similar test in Rec, !428 (@cattanem)
- Fixes for python3, !426 (@masmith)
- Upstream project highlights :star:
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