Commit 5e022113 authored by Alex Pearce's avatar Alex Pearce
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Build MC relations only for Turbo and PersistReco.

The default list of the MC associator (ChargedPP2MC) contains the
default Brunel output locations, like Rec/ProtoP/Charged, but the
PersistReco links will populate these locations with PersistReco
objects. Because we already explicitly add the unpacked PersistReco
locations to the associator's input list, there's no need for the
associator to also run over the Brunel locations.
parent cad41d39
...@@ -320,6 +320,9 @@ class Tesla(LHCbConfigurableUser): ...@@ -320,6 +320,9 @@ class Tesla(LHCbConfigurableUser):
assocpp.VetoEmpty=True assocpp.VetoEmpty=True
tesROOT="/Event/"+self.base tesROOT="/Event/"+self.base
assocpp.RootInTES=tesROOT assocpp.RootInTES=tesROOT
# Start with an empty input list, so we don't accidentally create
# relations for non-Turbo/non-PersistReco objects
assocpp.InputData = []
# Add Turbo++ track and protoparticle locations # Add Turbo++ track and protoparticle locations
truthSeqStandard = self._configureTrackTruth(assocpp,trackcont) truthSeqStandard = self._configureTrackTruth(assocpp,trackcont)
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