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2021-07-08 DaVinci v54r0
This version uses Gaudi v36r0, LHCb v53r0, Lbcom v33r0, Rec v33r0, Phys v33r0 and Analysis v34r0.
This version is released on `master` branch.
Built relative to DaVinci [v53r0](../-/tags/v53r0), with the following changes:
### New features ~"new feature"
- Upstream project highlights :star:
- ~Functors ~Tuples | Support for ThOr functor in FunTuple, Analysis!792 (@amathad)
### Fixes ~"bug fix" ~workaround
- Avoid compression sizes in tests and fix wrong space, !546 (@pkoppenb)
- Rename histos file, !540 (@pkoppenb)
- Fix DaVinci tests, !538 (@pkoppenb)
### Enhancements ~enhancement
- ~Configuration | Simplified PyConf DaVinci configuration, !542 (@mamartin)
- ~Configuration | Simplify user algs functions, !535 (@dfazzini)
- ~Functors ~Tuples | Update tupling example including LoKi and now ThOr functors, !539 (@amathad)
- ~Tuples | Update the tuple examples, !558 (@amathad)
- Upstream project highlights :star:
- ~Tuples | Improve user-interface, add special branch for common set of variables and introduce basic set of Kinematics functors, Analysis!797 (@amathad)
### Code cleanups and changes to tests ~modernisation ~cleanup ~testing
- ~Build | Rewrite CMake configuration in "modern CMake", !541 (@clemenci)
- Advanced Tupling test: Do not rely on a reference file, !552 (@pkoppenb)
- Adapt to ThOr functor and algorithm naming changes, !550 (@apearce)
- Upstream project highlights :star:
### Documentation ~Documentation
### Other
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