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Merge branch 'v52r0-release' into 'master'

Release notes and dependencies for v52r0

See merge request !420
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......@@ -16,8 +16,8 @@ find_package(GaudiProject)
# Declare project name and version
gaudi_project(DaVinci v51r0
USE Analysis v31r0
gaudi_project(DaVinci v52r0
USE Analysis v32r0
DATA AppConfig VERSION v3r*
FieldMap VERSION v5r*
ParamFiles VERSION v8r*
2020-08-07 DaVinci v52r0
This version uses
Analysis [v32r0](../../../../Analysis/-/tags/v32r0),
Phys [v31r1](../../../../Phys/-/tags/v31r1),
Rec [v31r1](../../../../Rec/-/tags/v31r1),
Lbcom [v31r1](../../../../Lbcom/-/tags/v31r1),
LHCb [v51r1](../../../../LHCb/-/tags/v51r1),
Gaudi [v33r2](../../../../Gaudi/-/tags/v33r2) and
LCG [97a]( with ROOT 6.20.06.
This version is released on `master` branch and
is the first version that is not backward compatible with Run 1-2 data.
Built relative to DaVinci [v51r0](../-/tags/v51r0), with the following changes:
### Fixes ~"bug fix" ~workaround
- ~Configuration ~Tuples | Don't run TupleToolANNPID., !381 (@apearce)
### Enhancements ~enhancement
- ~Configuration | Updated configuration to run on Upgrade data types only, !397 (@mamartin)
- ~Configuration | Add TurboStream and StrippingStream properties, !394 (@malexand)
- ~"Flavour tagging" | Updated tagging qmtest template to accomodate for removed PID tunings, !380 (@vjevtic)
### Code cleanups and changes to tests ~modernisation ~cleanup ~testing
- ~Configuration | Remove L0 to Hlt conversion, !408 (@pkoppenb)
- ~Configuration | Removed most option files and added some new, !402 (@pkoppenb)
- ~Calo | Remove test_standardbasic_reco14_init from master, for Moore!403, Rec!1740, Lbcom!438, Brunel!960, !391 (@dovombru)
- ~Build | First removal of stripping related stuff, !398 (@nskidmor) :star:
- DV tests update, !405 (@mamartin)
- Upstream project highlights :star:
- ~Monitoring | Remove Phys/DaVinciMonitors, Analysis!648 (@pkoppenb)
- ~Tuples | Remove L0 and stripping., Analysis!643 (@pkoppenb)
- ~Build | Removal of Ostap dependencies, Analysis!628 (@erodrigu)
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