Commit 816b4697 authored by Alex Pearce's avatar Alex Pearce
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Look for the raw bank in all locations.

Using `findFirstRawEvent` assumes that the raw bank lives in the same
location as the TCK, which is not guaranteed.
parent 4e675e5e
......@@ -67,12 +67,7 @@ std::pair<DataObject*, size_t> HltPackedDataDecoder::loadObject(const std::strin
StatusCode HltPackedDataDecoder::execute() {
if (msgLevel(MSG::DEBUG)) debug() << "==> Execute" << endmsg;
auto* rawEvent = findFirstRawEvent();
if (!rawEvent) {
return Error("Raw event not found!");
const auto& rawBanksConst = rawEvent->banks(LHCb::RawBank::DstData);
const auto& rawBanksConst = findFirstRawBank(LHCb::RawBank::DstData);
if (rawBanksConst.empty()) {
return Warning("No appropriate HltPackedData raw bank in raw event. Quitting.",
StatusCode::SUCCESS, 10);
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