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Merge branch 'release-v45r7' into 'run2-patches'

release notes v45r7

See merge request !511
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......@@ -16,9 +16,9 @@ find_package(GaudiProject)
# Declare project name and version
gaudi_project(DaVinci v45r6
USE Analysis v21r6
Stripping v14r4p5
gaudi_project(DaVinci v45r7
USE Analysis v21r7
Stripping v14r4p6
DATA AppConfig VERSION v3r*
FieldMap VERSION v5r*
ParamFiles VERSION v8r*
2021-03-05 DaVinci v45r7
This version uses Gaudi v34r1, LHCb 45r6, Lbcom v23r0p6, Rec v24r6, Phys v26r7, Analysis v21r7, Stripping v14r4p6 and uses LCG_97a with ROOT 6.20.06.
This version is released on `run2-patches` branch and is intended for use with Run1 or Run2 data. For Run3, use a version released on `master` branch.
Built relative to DaVinci [v45r6](../-/tags/v45r6), with the following changes:
### New features ~"new feature"
- Upstream project highlights :star:
- Phys: ~"Flavour tagging" | Inclusive Flavour Tagging, Phys!866 (@vjevtic)
### Enhancements ~enhancement
- Upstream project highlights :star:
- Phys: ~Tuples | IntVar,FloatVar,BoolVar options for tuple tools, Phys!878 (@mvesteri)
- Analysis: ~Tuples | MCTupleTool allows list of single-precision-float, bool and int branches, Analysis!763 (@mvesteri)
- Analysis: Add option to use the state provider instead of the track trajectory in the DecayTreeFitter, Analysis!765 (@saiola)
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