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Merge branch 'v44r0-release' into '2018-patches'

Documentation and dependencies for v44r0 release

See merge request !177
parents b6353fa9 dd038127
......@@ -6,9 +6,9 @@ find_package(GaudiProject)
# Declare project name and version
gaudi_project(DaVinci v43r1
USE Analysis v19r1
Stripping v11r4
gaudi_project(DaVinci v44r0
USE Analysis v20r0
Stripping v12r0
DATA AppConfig VERSION v3r*
FieldMap VERSION v5r*
ParamFiles VERSION v8r*
2018-03-15 DaVinci v44r0
Development release for 2018 data taking, prepared on the 2018-patches branch.
It is based on Gaudi v29r3, LHCb v44r0, Lbcom v22r0, Rec v23r0, Phys v25r0, Analysis v20r0 and Stripping v12r0,
and uses LCG_93 with ROOT 6.12.06.
- Updated reference for S29r2 test.
- See merge request lhcb/DaVinci!175
- Removed test DaVinciTests/tests/qmtest/kali.qms/pi0.qmt.
- See merge request lhcb/DaVinci!173
- Updates and fixes to tests in DaVinciTests.
- See merge request lhcb/DaVinci!171
- Fixed Tesla tests for latest version of DaVinci configurable.
- See merge request lhcb/DaVinci!162
- Removal of Phys/KaliCalo from DaVinci.
- See merge request lhcb/DaVinci!168
- Fix StrippingCache for 2018-patches.
- See merge request lhcb/DaVinci!159
- DaVinci:minor adjustment for Turbo MC processing.
- See merge request lhcb/DaVinci!155
- Propagate Simulation to TurboConf.
- See merge request lhcb/DaVinci!153
- Test of the DTFDict.
- See merge request lhcb/DaVinci!151
- Trying to get TurboSP and MC with truthmatching to work.
- Cherry-pick MR !101 to 2018-patches branch
- See merge request lhcb/DaVinci!145
- Make CaloDigit cloning behaviour consistent in Tesla.
- See merge request lhcb/DaVinci!139
- Validate DaVinci configuration for Turbo data.
- Cherry-pick MR !116 to 2018-patches branch.
- See merge request lhcb/DaVinci!123
- DaVinci: set "CondDB (Upgdade=True)" for DataType='Upgrade'.
- See merge request !113
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