Commit eabfa0fd authored by Alex Pearce's avatar Alex Pearce
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Create MC tables for merged HLT2 ProtoParticles.

parent 2b283e31
......@@ -338,6 +338,13 @@ class Tesla(LHCbConfigurableUser):
assocpp.InputData += [ matchedProtos[0] ]
# Add container of merged long and downstream PersistReco PPs
# TODO this should be in the list in the configuration file
assocpp.InputData += ['Hlt2/Protos/Charged']
print("Adding additional PR protoparticles for truth matching: "+assocpp.InputData[-1])
trackTruthSeq = self._configureTrackTruth(assocpp, '/Event/Hlt2/TrackFitted/Charged')
ChargedProtoSeq.Members += [trackTruthSeq]
# Add standard Turbo ProtoParticles
assocpp.InputData += [ protocont ]
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