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Adapt to change in PV finder output

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......@@ -20,9 +20,7 @@ packed data on file.
from GaudiConf import PersistRecoConf
from PyConf import configurable
from PyConf.Algorithms import (
from PyConf.Algorithms import (RecV1ToPVConverter)
from .data_from_file import reco_unpackers
......@@ -59,12 +57,12 @@ def make_tracks():
def make_pvs_using(tracks, pvs):
tracks_v2 = LHCb__Converters__Track__v2__fromV1TrackV2Track(
return LHCb__Converters__RecVertices__LHCbRecVerticesToVectorV2RecVertex(
#tracks_v2 = LHCb__Converters__Track__v2__fromV1TrackV2Track(
# InputTracksName=tracks).OutputTracksName
# FIXME: this is a temporary solution until we have persistency
# for the new PV container. Note that this converter does not
# fill the associated track list. This should be fixed as well.
return RecV1ToPVConverter(InputVertices=pvs).OutputVertices
def make_pvs_with(persist_conf, tracks='Tracks', pvs='PVs'):
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