2020-08-12 DaVinci v45r5

This version is released on run2-patches branch and is intended for use with Run1 or Run2 data. For Run3, use a version released on master branch.

It is based on Gaudi v33r2, LHCb v45r4, Lbcom v23r0p4, Rec v24r4, Phys v26r5, Analysis v21r5 and Stripping v14r4p4, and uses LCG_97a with ROOT 6.20.06.

Built relative to DaVinci v45r4, with the following changes:


  • Add qmtest for memory consumption in an empty event loop on a CHARMSPECPARKED mdst, !393 (@mstahl) [#2]
  • Upstream project highlights
    • Analysis: Centrality tuple tool, !664 !669 (@fgarciar) [INT-2020]
    • Analysis: Converted Bs2MuMu isolation refinfo tool to tupletool, !662 (@bdey)