DaVinci v53r0 for May 2021 hackathon

2021-04-21 DaVinci v53r0

This version uses Analysis v33r0, Phys v32r0, Rec v32r0, Lbcom v32r0, LHCb v52r0, Gaudi v35r2 and LCG 97a with ROOT 6.20.06.

This version is that to be used for the May hackathon. It contains the first release of the new, functional, tupling framework, aka the FunTuple tuple.

Most other changes are bug fixes and cleanup of code no longer needed for Run3.

This version is released on master branch. Built relative to DaVinci v52r0, with the following changes:

New features new feature

Code cleanups and changes to tests modernisation cleanup testing

Documentation Documentation

  • Fix doc typos in Phys/DaVinci/python/DaVinci/locations.py, !523 (@erodrigu)
  • Add example usage of PrintDecayTree algo to DaVinciExamples package, !512 (@erodrigu)
  • Creation of a new DaVinciExamples package, !510 (@erodrigu)
  • Removal of many obsolete doc-related files, !496 (@erodrigu)