Commit 7edda8d3 authored by Rosen Matev's avatar Rosen Matev
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Follow addition of Magnet in Detector!88

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......@@ -57,6 +57,8 @@ def create_xml(includesfiles):
value="/world/BeforeMagnetRegion", type="string")
ET.SubElement(define, "constant", name="FT:parent",
value="/world/AfterMagnetRegion/T", type="string")
ET.SubElement(define, "constant", name="Magnet:parent",
value="/world/MagnetRegion", type="string")
ET.SubElement(define, "constant", name="Magnet:ignore", value="0")
ET.SubElement(define, "constant", name="UpstreamRegion:ignore", value="0")
ET.SubElement(define, "constant", name="BeforeMagnetRegion:ignore", value="0") # NOQA
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