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# HltEfficiencyChecker "wizard" example for Hlt2 job with QEE options
"${Z0}Z0 => ${ep}e+ ${em}e-"
ntuple_path: &NTUPLE eff_ntuple.root
trigger_level: 2
evt_max: -1
input_type: ROOT
lines_from: Hlt2Conf.lines.qee # Specify the import path to where the lines live
# subdirectories accessed with a "." e.g. b_to_open_charm.b_to_dd
# NOTE only works with Hlt2 lines - you cannot specify a Hlt1 line at this time.
# MagDown
# - "root://
# MagUp
- "/eos/home-j/jideng/TestMCZee/UP/00127652_00000002_1.xdigi"
- "/eos/home-j/jideng/TestMCZee/UP/00127652_00000006_1.xdigi"
- "/eos/home-j/jideng/TestMCZee/UP/00127652_00000007_1.xdigi"
- "/eos/home-j/jideng/TestMCZee/UP/00127652_00000010_1.xdigi"
- "/eos/home-j/jideng/TestMCZee/UP/00127652_00000014_1.xdigi"
- "/eos/home-j/jideng/TestMCZee/UP/00127652_00000015_1.xdigi"
- "/eos/home-j/jideng/TestMCZee/UP/00127652_00000018_1.xdigi"
- "/eos/home-j/jideng/TestMCZee/UP/00127652_00000020_1.xdigi"
- "/eos/home-j/jideng/TestMCZee/UP/00127652_00000022_1.xdigi"
simulation: True
conddb_tag: 'sim-20201218-vc-mu100'
dddb_tag: 'dddb-20201211'
#conddb_tag: 'sim-20180530-vc-mu100'
#dddb_tag: 'dddb-20190223'
input_raw_format: 0.3
ft_decoding_version: 6
run_reconstruction: True
#- $HLTEFFICIENCYCHECKERROOT/options/ # Not needed as the "lines_from" is used instead
- $HLTEFFICIENCYCHECKERROOT/options/ # first rendered with jinja2
# One can also write templated options directly as a multi-line string, for example:
# - |
# from Moore import options
# options.ntuple_file = "{{ ntuple_path }}"
input: *NTUPLE
level: Hlt2
reconstructible_children: ep,em
# The parent is automatically deduced from the annotated decay descriptor,
# which is passed in a file such as eff_ntuple.root.json, but can also be given:
# parent: B_s0
legend_header: "Z #rightarrow #e#e"
make_plots: true
denoms: CanRecoChildren,HighTruthPtMuon
plot_format: png
# vars: "PT,em:em_TRUEpT"
vars: "PT,ep:PT,em:PT,em-ep:Max-PT,em-ep:Min-PT"
# vars: "MaxChildPt"
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