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Merge branch 'release-v24r8' into 'run2-patches'

Release notes for v25r0

See merge request !2633
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......@@ -11,7 +11,7 @@
cmake_minimum_required(VERSION 3.15)
project(Rec VERSION 24.7
project(Rec VERSION 25.0
# Enable testing with CTest/CDash
2021-11-30 Rec v25r0
This version uses Lbcom v24r0, LHCb v46r0 Gaudi v36r2 and LCG101 with ROOT 6.24.06 .
This version is released on `run2-patches` branch and is intended for use with Run1 or Run2 data. For Run3, use a version released on `master` branch
Built relative to Rec [v24r7](../-/tags/v24r7), with the following changes:
### Fixes ~"bug fix" ~workaround
- FastVeloTrack: workaround FPE with gcc11 and remove unused function, !2615 (@cattanem)
- Workaround for FPE in clang optimised build, !2560 (@cattanem)
- Reorganise code to please clang11 and clang12 optimisation, !2552 (@cattanem)
- Fix for Boost 1.77, !2545 (@cattanem)
### Code cleanups and changes to tests ~modernisation ~cleanup ~testing
- ~Build | (run2) Rewrite CMake configuration in "modern CMake", !2620 (@clemenci) [LBCOMP-23]
- Remove last remnants of UT, !2543 (@cattanem)
- Fix a delete that was confusing gcc11, !2541 (@cattanem)
- CatBoost compatibility with v0.26.1, !2511 (@nkazeev)
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