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release notes for v14rr1p4

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2022-09-16 Rec v14r1p4
This version uses Lbcom v13r1p4, LHCb v35r1p4 and Gaudi v23r3.
This version is released on `reco14-patches` branch. It is intended for 2013 incremental stripping (S20r2pX (pp 2.76 TeV), S20r3pX (pA)), patches to Brunel (Reco14) in Run 1 simulation worflows and stripping (S20r2, S20r3, S20r3p1) in 2013 simulation workflows. Builds with gcc46 on slc5.
Built relative to Rec [v14r1p3](../-/tags/v14r1p3), with the following changes:
### New features ~"new feature"
- Add copyright statement and copyright check, !2268 (@cattanem)
### Fixes ~"bug fix" ~workaround
- Update LumiAlgs with fixes from DaVinci/2013-patches, !2248 (@cattanem)
- Use L0Conf instead of DecodersDB to set up decoding of L0Report, !1198 (@cattanem)
### Enhancements ~enhancement
- ~Muon | Update MuonTrackRec and ChargedProtoANNPID with version from DaVinci/reco14-patches, !2259 (@cattanem)
### Code cleanups and changes to tests ~modernisation ~cleanup ~testing
- ~Tracking | Remove VeloPix, !2055 (@cattanem)
- ~Tracking | Remove upgrade reconstruction, !2054 (@cattanem)
- ~Build | Remove INTEL_COMPILER ifdefs, icc not supported on this branch, !2312 (@cattanem)
- ~Build | Remove CMake configuration as this branch built with CMT, !2291 (@cattanem)
- ~Build | Remove obsolete configurables test, was checking integrity of SVN project recursive checkout, !2056 (@cattanem)
- ~Build | Remove FSRNavigator, !2026 (@dfazzini)
- ~Build | Remove Win32 dead code and build directives, !2025 (@cattanem)
- Update release notes template to latest version from master, !2271 (@cattanem)
- Remove CVS keywords, !2264 (@cattanem)
- Delete Makefile, !1737 (@clemenci)
### Documentation ~Documentation
- Update release notes template to latest version from master, !2271 (@cattanem)
- Add copyright statement and copyright check, !2268 (@cattanem)
### Other
- ~Simulation | Backport PGPrimaryVertex changes to reco14, !2849 (@adavis)
- Move away from using CERN-SWTEST, !2729 (@rmatev)
project REC
use LBCOM LBCOM_v13r1p3
use LBCOM LBCOM_v13r1p4
build_strategy with_installarea
setup_strategy root
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