2018-08-22 Rec v18r1p1

This version uses Lbcom v17r0p1, LHCb v39r0p1, Gaudi v26r3 and LCG_79 with ROOT 6.06.02.

This version is released on `reco15-patches` branch.

Built relative to Rec v18r1, with the following changes:

Bug fixes

  • Fix issue in CMakeLists.txt exposed by LHCb!1457, !1163 (@cattanem)

  • Update Muon/MuonID and Tf/FastVelo with versions from Brunel v48r2p1, !1161 (@cattanem)

    • Fix bug in DLLMuonTool, see LHCBPS-1431
    • FastVeloFitLHCbIDs: Protect from segfault in case of not decoded hits.

Monitoring changes

  • Disable the RICH hot pixel finder and decoding errors monitor for simulation, !1157 (@jonrob)
    Cherry picked from !1151 on 2016-patches

Changes to tests

  • Remove obsolete configurables test, was checking integrity of SVN project recursive checkout, !1158 (@cattanem)
    Cherry picked from !327 on 2016-patches branch