2016-07-25 RecSys v19r4

This version uses Gaudi v27r1, LHCb v40r3 and Lbcom v18r3 (and LCG_84 with ROOT 6.06.02)

This version is built on 2016-patches branch


[MR !73] ResolvedPi0Monitor : add 2d histo for pi0 mass versus cell index (CaloMoniDst)
[MR !68] Calo reco cleanups
CaloCorrectionBase: remove redundant counter, see LHCBPS-1529
CaloMergedPi0Alg: fix possible uninitialised variable issue (Coverity ID 65169)
CaloReco: multiple fixes to uninitialised members warnings from Coverity
Same as MR !69 on master branch
[MR !137] Turn off counters in CaloReco + CaloPID
Temporarily comment out counters, to speed up production use in HLT. See LHCBPS-1620


[MR !148] Properly consider deuteron in various initialisations and methods
Fixes a few bugs where deuteron was not being properly considered.
The only significant one is in RichSellmeirFunc as this is the only one actively used in production.
Same as MR !147 on master branch
[MR !115] Various speedups in Rich reconstruction
Faster RICH Global PID minimisation through use of additional data caches.
Optimisation of the pixel background tool.
Change IRichPhotonReconstruction reconstructPhoton() to return a boolean instead of StatusCode
Backports the updates from MR !114 on master branch
[MR !139] More RICH speed improvements
Same as MR !138 on master branch


[MR !134] Make the setting of the sign of pT of Velo only tracks deterministic
Added code to set the pT of the VELO only tracks with a sign based on the first strip in the first cluster rather than the track
Same as MR !98 on master branch. See discussion in LHCBPS-1547
[MR !88] VeloRecMonitors: Add plots for VELO offline DQ monitoring
A few new plots were added to VeloClusterMonitor class, for Offline VELO DQ monitoring purpose.
Old VeloClusterMonitor class was also cleaned up.
New plots are protected with an option that by default it switched off to prevent Brunel calling it, and switched on only in Vetra for offline DQ monitoring.
Same as MR !80 on master branch
[MR !74] Update to VeloCCEScanMonitor to allow for running over non-CCE scan data
Same as MR !83 on master branch


[MR !140] Added .gitignore and .gitattributes
Same as MR !104 on master branch. See LHCBPS-1599