2017-07-04 RecSys v21r5

This version uses Gaudi v28r2, LHCb v42r5 and Lbcom v20r5 (and LCG_88 with ROOT 6.08.06)

This version is released on 2017-patches branch.

Change to release notes format

As from this release, the file LbcomSys/doc/release.notes is frozen
Instead, there will be a file per release in the new ReleaseNotes directory. e.g. this file is called ReleaseNotes/v21r5.md

New features

[MR !629, !602, !634] Add Yandex PID classifiers to ANNPID
See LBPID-27

Bug fixes

[MR !642, !641] Fix for use of DecayTreeFitter on 2015/2016 turbo
On turbo 2015/2016 there are only two states on the track, namely at the beamline and at rich2. For the trajectory approximation used in DTF for Long-Long Ks, this is not enough. Add a state at the end of the Velo.

[MR !623] ProtoParticle Moni : Fix the conversion of the track type enum to string

[MR !615, !614] Calo2MC tool : fix bug that affect the merged-pi0 matching based on CaloHypo Linker table

Monitoring changes

[MR !622] Fix Tracking timing plots by adding missing sequences to timing list

Changes to tests

[MR !620] Increase slightly memory threshold of mergesmallfiles test failure