2018-10-05 Rec v21r7p1

This version uses Lbcom v20r7p2, LHCb v42r10, Gaudi v28r2p1 and LCG_88 with ROOT 6.08.06.

This version is released on `2017-patches` branch.

Built relative to Rec v21r7, with the following changes:

Bug fixes

  • In RichRecQC, use L0Conf instead of DecodersDB to set up decoding of L0Report, !1183 (@cattanem)
    Following the removal of L0 decoding by default in Brunel (Brunel!482), the brunel.2016magup-oldrich test was printing
    ToolSvc.L0DUConfig  ERROR L0DUMultiConfigProvider:: The requested TCK = 0x1609 is not registered  [L0DUFromRaw]  
    L0DUFromRaw.L0D...WARNING L0DUFromRawTool::  Unable to load the configuration for tck = 0x1609 --> Incomplete L0DUReport  
    at every event, due to incomplete setup of the L0 decoding by the Rich monitoring. This MR fixes this issue.