2017-07-11 RecSys v22r0

This version uses Gaudi v28r2, LHCb v43r0 and Lbcom v21r0 (and LCG_88 with ROOT 6.08.06)

This version is released on master branch. The previous release on master branch was Rec v21r3. This release contains all the changes that were made in Rec v21r4 and Rec v21r5 (released on 2017-patches branch, see corresponding release notes), as well as the additional changes described in this file.

Change to compiler support

As from this release, support for gcc49 is dropped
This means that C++14 is now fully supported

Thread safety

[MR !593] Make TMVA NN in PrForward stateless

Code optimisations

[MR !572] Rich MaPMT improvements following [LHCb!618]
[MR !598] Rich: adapt to streamlining of TrackSegment of LHCb!691, removing the segment type

Bug fixes and cleanups

[MR !644] Fixed typo in CaloPi0Monitor leading to bad photon counts

[MR !637] Fixed logging of lack of vertices in VeloIPResolutionMonitor
In case an empty set was in the TES, nothing was reported

[MR !579] PrFitPolinomial: fixed compilation warning that could have lead to memory corruption

[MR !576] Fix old RICH pixel sorting
Fixes an issue with the pixel sorting in the old RICH sequence, that affects the Upgrade productions only.

[MR !625] Ignore some warnings coming from the Boost library

Code modernisations

[MR !639] Modernize for Gaudi::Property in Muon
[MR !631] Modernize for Gaudi::Property in Hlt
[MR !627, !633] Modernize for Gaudi::Property in Calo
[MR !611] Modernize TrackExtrapolators
[MR !618] Replace StaticArray with boost::container::static_vector
[MR !651] Remove include of obsolete header files

[MR !595] Rich remove residual aerogel code from track segment maker
[MR !588] RichRecTrack tools remove unused pd panel pointer

Changes to tests

[MR !585] Fix LumiAlgs tests for Gaudi/master in backwards compatible way
[MR !650] Increase VMEM test failure threshold to 1.4GB, to avoid false alarms