2018-10-31 Rec v23r4

This version uses Lbcom v22r0p5, LHCb v44r4, Gaudi v29r4 and LCG_93 with ROOT 6.12.06

This version is released on 2018-patches branch.

Built relative to Rec v23r3, with the following changes:

New features

  • Propagate XGBoost-based IsPhoton separation variable to (Neutral)ProtoParticle::additionalInfo, !1105 (@deschamp)
    Related to !1087

  • new pi0 gamma separation tool, !1087 (@vchekali)
    adding Calo/CaloTools/GammaPi0XGBoostTool.h, GammaPi0XGBoostTool.cpp, XGBClassifierPhPi0.h, XGBClassifierPhPi0.cpp, CaloHypoEstimator.h, CaloHypoEstimator.cpp files to provide gamma-pi0 separation tools

Bug fixes

  • Use L0Conf instead of DecodersDB to set up decoding of L0Report, !1184 (@cattanem)
    Cherry picked from !1183 on 2017-patches

Code modernisations and cleanups

  • Remove obsolete RecSys/CMakeLists.txt, !1256 (@cattanem)
    CMakeLists.txt contained only packages list that was needed for SVN, no longer necessary with Git

  • Remove UpgradeBestTrackCreator as it's not used anywhere, !1271 (@cattanem)