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Copyright (C) 2002-2021 CERN for the benefit of the ATLAS collaboration
* @file CaloAlignTool.h
* @brief Declaration of CaloAlignTool class
* @author Vakho Tsulaia <>
* $Id: CaloAlignTool.h,v 1.3 2008-12-11 16:46:46 tsulaia Exp $
#include "GeoModelInterfaces/IGeoAlignTool.h"
#include "AthenaBaseComps/AthAlgTool.h"
#include "GaudiKernel/ServiceHandle.h"
#include "AthenaKernel/IIOVDbSvc.h"
#include "CxxUtils/checker_macros.h"
* @class CaloAlignTool
* @brief CaloAlignTool updates existing CaloDD elements and
* descriptors with alignment information.
* Calo DD cashe is updated by CaloAlignTool::align() method
* which is registered as a callback by CaloAlignTool::initialize()
class ATLAS_NOT_THREAD_SAFE CaloAlignTool : public AthAlgTool, virtual public IGeoAlignTool
* @brief Constructor
* @param type [IN] Alg Tool type
* @param name [IN] Alg Tool name
* @param parent [IN] Alg Tool parent interface
CaloAlignTool(const std::string& type,
const std::string& name,
const IInterface* parent);
* @brief Destructor
virtual ~CaloAlignTool();
* @brief Standard initialize method of Alg Tools
StatusCode initialize();
* @brief Standard finalize method of Alg Tools
StatusCode finalize();
* @brief Callback function trigerred when alignment constants are updated
* in the Store Gate. Is called after LAr and Tile alignment callbacks
* The same callback is registered on Sagging object, so both sagging and alignment
* are applied at the same time
virtual StatusCode align(IOVSVC_CALLBACK_ARGS);
* @brief handle on the IOVDbSvc for releasing conditions objects from memory
ServiceHandle<IIOVDbSvc> m_IOVDbSvc;
/// Not implemented.
CaloAlignTool() = delete;
CaloAlignTool (const CaloAlignTool&) = delete;
CaloAlignTool& operator= (const CaloAlignTool&) = delete;
// This file's extension implies that it's C, but it's really -*- C++ -*-.
Copyright (C) 2002-2021 CERN for the benefit of the ATLAS collaboration
// $Id$
* @file CaloDetDescr/CaloSuperCellAlignTool.h
* @author scott snyder <>
* @date Sep, 2012
* @brief Propagate alignent changes to supercell geometry.
#include "GeoModelInterfaces/IGeoAlignTool.h"
#include "CaloDetDescr/ICaloSuperCellAlignTool.h"
#include "CaloDetDescr/ICaloSuperCellIDTool.h"
#include "AthenaBaseComps/AthAlgTool.h"
#include "GaudiKernel/ToolHandle.h"
#include "CxxUtils/checker_macros.h"
class CaloSuperCellDetDescrManager;
class CaloDetDescrManager;
class CaloDetDescriptor;
* @brief Propagate alignent changes to supercell geometry.
class ATLAS_NOT_THREAD_SAFE CaloSuperCellAlignTool
: public extends2<AthAlgTool, ICaloSuperCellAlignTool, IGeoAlignTool>
* @brief Standard Gaudi tool constructor.
* @param type The name of the tool type.
* @param name The tool name.
* @param parent The tool's Gaudi parent.
CaloSuperCellAlignTool (const std::string& type,
const std::string& name,
const IInterface* parent);
/// Standard Gaudi initialize method.
virtual StatusCode initialize();
* @brief Callback function triggered when alignment constants are updated
* in StoreGate. It is called after CaloAlignTool to propagate
* geometry changes from the offline to supercell versions.
virtual StatusCode align(IOVSVC_CALLBACK_ARGS);
* @brief Update supercell geometry from the offline geometry.
* @param mgr The supercell geometry manager.
* @param cellmgr The offline geometry manager.
virtual StatusCode doUpdate (CaloSuperCellDetDescrManager* mgr,
const CaloDetDescrManager* cellmgr);
* @brief Standard Gaudi @c queryInterface method.
* We need do implement this by hand because
* @c IGeoAlignTool doesn't use @c DeclareInterfaceID.
StatusCode queryInterface (const InterfaceID& riid, void** ppvIf);
/// Property: The CaloAlignTool that triggers us.
ToolHandle<IGeoAlignTool> m_caloAlignTool;
/// Property: Offline / SuperCell ID mapping tool
ToolHandle<ICaloSuperCellIDTool> m_scidTool;
/// Property: SG key for the supercell geometry manager.
std::string m_scMgrKey;
/// Property: SG key for the offline geometry manager.
std::string m_mgrKey;
/// Not implemented.
CaloSuperCellAlignTool() = delete;
CaloSuperCellAlignTool (const CaloSuperCellAlignTool&) = delete;
CaloSuperCellAlignTool& operator= (const CaloSuperCellAlignTool&) = delete;
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# Copyright (C) 2002-2021 CERN for the benefit of the ATLAS collaboration
# Declare the package name:
atlas_subdir( TrigExamples )
# External dependencies:
find_package( tdaq-common COMPONENTS hltinterface )
# Component(s) in the package:
atlas_add_component( TrigExamples
AthenaKernel ByteStreamCnvSvcBaseLib DecisionHandlingLib TrigCompositeUtilsLib
TrigPartialEventBuildingLib )
# Install files from the package:
atlas_install_python_modules( python/*.py POST_BUILD_CMD ${ATLAS_FLAKE8} )
atlas_install_joboptions( share/*.py )
# Copyright (C) 2002-2021 CERN for the benefit of the ATLAS collaboration
from AthenaConfiguration.ComponentAccumulator import ComponentAccumulator, conf2toConfigurable
from AthenaConfiguration.ComponentFactory import CompFactory
from AthenaCommon.CFElements import seqOR, parOR
from AthenaCommon.Logging import logging
log = logging.getLogger('')
_menu_name = 'MTCalibPeb'
_menu_file_name = 'HLTMenu_{:s}.json'.format(_menu_name)
# LAR-EMB* ROBs from the file
# /cvmfs/
rob_list = [
0x420024, 0x420025, 0x420026, 0x420027, 0x420034, 0x420035, 0x420036, 0x420037,
0x42005c, 0x42005d, 0x42005e, 0x42005f, 0x42006c, 0x42006d, 0x42006e, 0x42006f,
0x42000c, 0x42000d, 0x420001, 0x42000f, 0x420014, 0x420015, 0x420016, 0x420017,
0x42001c, 0x42001d, 0x420030, 0x420031, 0x420002, 0x420003, 0x420011, 0x420013,
0x420018, 0x420019, 0x42001a, 0x42001b, 0x42001e, 0x42001f, 0x420032, 0x420033,
0x420004, 0x420005, 0x420006, 0x420007, 0x420000, 0x42000e, 0x420020, 0x420021,
0x420028, 0x420029, 0x42002c, 0x42002d, 0x420008, 0x420009, 0x42000a, 0x42000b,
0x420010, 0x420012, 0x420022, 0x420023, 0x42002a, 0x42002b, 0x42002e, 0x42002f,
0x41003c, 0x41003d, 0x41003e, 0x41003f, 0x410038, 0x410046, 0x410058, 0x410059,
0x410060, 0x410061, 0x410064, 0x410065, 0x410040, 0x410041, 0x410042, 0x410043,
0x410048, 0x41004a, 0x41005a, 0x41005b, 0x410062, 0x410063, 0x410066, 0x410067,
0x41007c, 0x41007d, 0x410071, 0x41007f, 0x410084, 0x410085, 0x410086, 0x410087,
0x41008c, 0x41008d, 0x4100a0, 0x4100a1, 0x410072, 0x410073, 0x410081, 0x410083,
0x410088, 0x410089, 0x41008a, 0x41008b, 0x41008e, 0x41008f, 0x4100a2, 0x4100a3,
0x410074, 0x410075, 0x410076, 0x410077, 0x410070, 0x41007e, 0x410090, 0x410091,
0x410098, 0x410099, 0x41009c, 0x41009d, 0x410078, 0x410079, 0x41007a, 0x41007b,
0x410080, 0x410082, 0x410092, 0x410093, 0x41009a, 0x41009b, 0x41009e, 0x41009f,
0x410094, 0x410095, 0x410096, 0x410097, 0x4100a4, 0x4100a5, 0x4100a6, 0x4100a7,
0x4100cc, 0x4100cd, 0x4100ce, 0x4100cf, 0x4100dc, 0x4100dd, 0x4100de, 0x4100df,
0x41000c, 0x41000d, 0x410001, 0x41000f, 0x410014, 0x410015, 0x410016, 0x410017,
0x41001c, 0x41001d, 0x410030, 0x410031, 0x410002, 0x410003, 0x410011, 0x410013,
0x410018, 0x410019, 0x41001a, 0x41001b, 0x41001e, 0x41001f, 0x410032, 0x410033,
0x410004, 0x410005, 0x410006, 0x410007, 0x410000, 0x41000e, 0x410020, 0x410021,
0x410028, 0x410029, 0x41002c, 0x41002d, 0x410008, 0x410009, 0x41000a, 0x41000b,
0x410010, 0x410012, 0x410022, 0x410023, 0x41002a, 0x41002b, 0x41002e, 0x41002f,
0x410024, 0x410025, 0x410026, 0x410027, 0x410034, 0x410035, 0x410036, 0x410037,
0x41005c, 0x41005d, 0x41005e, 0x41005f, 0x41006c, 0x41006d, 0x41006e, 0x41006f,
0x410044, 0x410045, 0x410039, 0x410047, 0x41004c, 0x41004d, 0x41004e, 0x41004f,
0x410054, 0x410055, 0x410068, 0x410069, 0x41003a, 0x41003b, 0x410049, 0x41004b,
0x410050, 0x410051, 0x410052, 0x410053, 0x410056, 0x410057, 0x41006a, 0x41006b,
0x4100b4, 0x4100b5, 0x4100a9, 0x4100b7, 0x4100bc, 0x4100bd, 0x4100be, 0x4100bf,
0x4100c4, 0x4100c5, 0x4100d8, 0x4100d9, 0x4100aa, 0x4100ab, 0x4100b9, 0x4100bb,
0x4100c0, 0x4100c1, 0x4100c2, 0x4100c3, 0x4100c6, 0x4100c7, 0x4100da, 0x4100db,
0x4100ac, 0x4100ad, 0x4100ae, 0x4100af, 0x4100a8, 0x4100b6, 0x4100c8, 0x4100c9,
0x4100d0, 0x4100d1, 0x4100d4, 0x4100d5, 0x4100b0, 0x4100b1, 0x4100b2, 0x4100b3,
0x4100b8, 0x4100ba, 0x4100ca, 0x4100cb, 0x4100d2, 0x4100d3, 0x4100d6, 0x4100d7,
0x420044, 0x420045, 0x420039, 0x420047, 0x42004c, 0x42004d, 0x42004e, 0x42004f,
0x420054, 0x420055, 0x420068, 0x420069, 0x42003a, 0x42003b, 0x420049, 0x42004b,
0x420050, 0x420051, 0x420052, 0x420053, 0x420056, 0x420057, 0x42006a, 0x42006b,
0x420074, 0x420075, 0x420076, 0x420077, 0x420070, 0x42007e, 0x420090, 0x420091,
0x420098, 0x420099, 0x42009c, 0x42009d, 0x420078, 0x420079, 0x42007a, 0x42007b,
0x420080, 0x420082, 0x420092, 0x420093, 0x42009a, 0x42009b, 0x42009e, 0x42009f,
0x420094, 0x420095, 0x420096, 0x420097, 0x4200a4, 0x4200a5, 0x4200a6, 0x4200a7,
0x4200cc, 0x4200cd, 0x4200ce, 0x4200cf, 0x4200dc, 0x4200dd, 0x4200de, 0x4200df,
0x42003c, 0x42003d, 0x42003e, 0x42003f, 0x420038, 0x420046, 0x420058, 0x420059,
0x420060, 0x420061, 0x420064, 0x420065, 0x420040, 0x420041, 0x420042, 0x420043,
0x420048, 0x42004a, 0x42005a, 0x42005b, 0x420062, 0x420063, 0x420066, 0x420067,
0x42007c, 0x42007d, 0x420071, 0x42007f, 0x420084, 0x420085, 0x420086, 0x420087,
0x42008c, 0x42008d, 0x4200a0, 0x4200a1, 0x420072, 0x420073, 0x420081, 0x420083,
0x420088, 0x420089, 0x42008a, 0x42008b, 0x42008e, 0x42008f, 0x4200a2, 0x4200a3,
0x4200b4, 0x4200b5, 0x4200a9, 0x4200b7, 0x4200bc, 0x4200bd, 0x4200be, 0x4200bf,
0x4200c4, 0x4200c5, 0x4200d8, 0x4200d9, 0x4200aa, 0x4200ab, 0x4200b9, 0x4200bb,
0x4200c0, 0x4200c1, 0x4200c2, 0x4200c3, 0x4200c6, 0x4200c7, 0x4200da, 0x4200db,
0x4200ac, 0x4200ad, 0x4200ae, 0x4200af, 0x4200a8, 0x4200b6, 0x4200c8, 0x4200c9,
0x4200d0, 0x4200d1, 0x4200d4, 0x4200d5, 0x4200b0, 0x4200b1, 0x4200b2, 0x4200b3,
0x4200b8, 0x4200ba, 0x4200ca, 0x4200cb, 0x4200d2, 0x4200d3, 0x4200d6, 0x4200d7,
rob_access_dict = {
'01 :ADDGET:RND20:': rob_list, # Prefetch+Retrieve 20 random ROBs from rob_list
'02 :GET:RND10: ': rob_list, # Retrieve 10 random ROBs from rob_list
'03 :GET:RND5: ': rob_list, # Retrieve 5 random ROBs from rob_list
'04 :ADD:RND10: ': rob_list, # Prefetch 10 random ROBs from rob_list
'05 :ADD:RND20: ': rob_list, # Prefetch 20 random ROBs from rob_list
'06 :ADDGET:RND50:': rob_list, # Prefetch+Retrieve 50 random ROBs from rob_list
'07 :ADDGET:RND10:': rob_list, # Prefetch+Retrieve 10 random ROBs from rob_list
'08 :ADDGET:RND5: ': rob_list, # Prefetch+Retrieve 5 random ROBs from rob_list
'09 :GET:RND20: ': rob_list, # Retrieve 20 random ROBs from rob_list
'10 :ADDGET:RND20:': rob_list, # Prefetch+Retrieve 20 random ROBs from rob_list
'11 :GET:RND10: ': rob_list, # Retrieve 10 random ROBs from rob_list
'12 :ADDGET:RND10:': rob_list # Prefetch+Retrieve 10 random ROBs from rob_list
class MTCalibPebHypoOptions:
def __init__(self):
self.UseRandomSeed = False
self.RandomAcceptRate = -1.0
self.BurnTimePerCycleMillisec = 0
self.NumBurnCycles = 0
self.BurnTimeRandomly = True
self.Crunch = False
self.CheckDataConsistency = False
self.ROBAccessDict = rob_access_dict
self.TimeBetweenROBReqMillisec = 0
self.PEBROBList = []
self.PEBSubDetList = []
self.CreateRandomData = {}
self.EnableL1CaloPhase1 = False # Sets ConfigFlags.Trigger.enableL1CaloPhase1
self.EnableL1MuonPhase1 = False # Sets ConfigFlags.Trigger.enableL1MuonPhase1
self.EnableL1CaloLegacy = True # Sets ConfigFlags.Trigger.enableL1CaloLegacy
default_options = MTCalibPebHypoOptions()
def set_flags(flags, options=default_options):
flags.Common.isOnline = True
flags.Input.Format = 'BS'
flags.Input.isMC = False
flags.IOVDb.DatabaseInstance = 'CONDBR2'
flags.IOVDb.GlobalTag = flags.Trigger.OnlineCondTag
flags.Trigger.doHLT = True
flags.Trigger.EDMVersion = 3
flags.Trigger.triggerMenuSetup = 'LS2_v1'
flags.Trigger.enableL1MuonPhase1 = options.EnableL1MuonPhase1
flags.Trigger.enableL1CaloPhase1 = options.EnableL1CaloPhase1
flags.Trigger.enableL1CaloLegacy = options.EnableL1CaloLegacy
flags.Trigger.HLTSeeding.forceEnableAllChains = True
# Disable signature-specific detector configuration parts
flags.Trigger.doID = False
flags.Trigger.doCalo = False
flags.Trigger.doMuon = False
def l1_seq_cfg(flags, options=default_options):
from HLTSeeding.HLTSeedingConfig import HLTSeedingCfg
acc = HLTSeedingCfg(flags, seqName='l1Seq')
l1_decoder_alg = acc.getEventAlgo('HLTSeeding')
l1_decoder_alg.prescaler = CompFactory.PrescalingEmulationTool()
# Generate L1 menu
from TrigConfigSvc.TrigConfigSvcCfg import generateL1Menu
# Need to set HLT menu file name here to avoid conflict when merging with HLT sequence CA
acc.getService("HLTConfigSvc").JsonFileName = _menu_file_name
return acc
def make_hypo_alg(name):
hypo = CompFactory.MTCalibPebHypoAlg(name)
hypo.HypoInputDecisions = 'HLTSeedingSummary'
hypo.HypoOutputDecisions = 'MTCalibPebDecisions_'+name
return hypo
def make_hypo_tool(name, options=default_options):
hypo_tool = CompFactory.MTCalibPebHypoTool(name)
hypo_tool.UseRandomSeed = options.UseRandomSeed
hypo_tool.RandomAcceptRate = options.RandomAcceptRate
hypo_tool.BurnTimePerCycleMillisec = options.BurnTimePerCycleMillisec
hypo_tool.NumBurnCycles = options.NumBurnCycles
hypo_tool.BurnTimeRandomly = options.BurnTimeRandomly
hypo_tool.Crunch = options.Crunch
hypo_tool.CheckDataConsistency = options.CheckDataConsistency
hypo_tool.ROBAccessDict = options.ROBAccessDict
hypo_tool.TimeBetweenROBReqMillisec = options.TimeBetweenROBReqMillisec
hypo_tool.PEBROBList = options.PEBROBList
hypo_tool.PEBSubDetList = options.PEBSubDetList
hypo_tool.CreateRandomData = options.CreateRandomData
return hypo_tool
def make_all_hypo_algs(num_chains, concurrent=False):
hypo_tools = []
for chain_index in range(1, 1+num_chains):
# Default hypo tool for chains 1, 4, 7, 10, ...
hypoTool = make_hypo_tool('HLT_MTCalibPeb{:d}'.format(chain_index))
hypoTool.PEBROBList = rob_list
hypoTool.PEBSubDetList = []
# Hypo for chains 2, 5, 8, 11, ...
if chain_index % 3 == 2:
hypoTool.PEBROBList = [0x420024, 0x420025, 0x420026, 0x420027] # example LAr EMB ROBs
hypoTool.PEBSubDetList = [0x53, 0x54] # TILECAL_EXT A and C
# Hypo for chains 3, 6, 9, 12, ...
elif chain_index % 3 == 0:
hypoTool.CreateRandomData = {
'ExampleCollection_{:d}_1'.format(chain_index): 5,
'ExampleCollection_{:d}_2'.format(chain_index): 3,
hypoTool.PEBROBList = [0x420034, 0x420035, 0x420036, 0x420037] # example LAr EMB ROBs
hypoTool.PEBROBList.extend([0x7c0001]) # extra HLT result for data scouting
# Add the hypo tools to algorithm(s)
hypo_algs = []
if concurrent:
for tool in hypo_tools:
hypo = make_hypo_alg('HypoAlg{:d}'.format(len(hypo_algs)+1))
hypo.HypoTools += [tool]
hypo = make_hypo_alg('HypoAlg1')
for tool in hypo_tools:
hypo.HypoTools += [tool]
return hypo_algs
def hlt_result_cfg(flags, hypo_algs):
from TrigEDMConfig.DataScoutingInfo import getFullHLTResultID
from TrigOutputHandling.TrigOutputHandlingConfig import TriggerEDMSerialiserToolCfg, StreamTagMakerToolCfg, TriggerBitsMakerToolCfg
# Tool serialising EDM objects to fill the HLT result
serialiser = TriggerEDMSerialiserToolCfg('Serialiser')
for hypo in hypo_algs:
'xAOD::TrigCompositeContainer_v1#%s' % hypo.HypoOutputDecisions,
'xAOD::TrigCompositeAuxContainer_v2#%sAux.' % hypo.HypoOutputDecisions,
# Data scouting example
resultList = [getFullHLTResultID(), 1]
collections = set()
chain_names = []
for hypo in hypo_algs:
for hypo_tool in hypo.HypoTools:
if hasattr(hypo_tool,'CreateRandomData'):
for coll_name in hypo_tool.CreateRandomData.keys():
for coll_name in collections:
], resultList)
# StreamTag definitions
streamPhysicsMain = {
'name': 'Main',
'type': 'physics',
'obeyLB': True,
'forceFullEventBuilding': True
streamExamplePEB = {
'name': 'ExamplePEB',
'type': 'calibration',
'obeyLB': True,
'forceFullEventBuilding': False
streamExampleDataScoutingPEB = {
'name': 'ExampleDataScoutingPEB',
'type': 'physics',
'obeyLB': True,
'forceFullEventBuilding': False
chain_to_streams = {}
for counter, ch in enumerate(chain_names, start=1):
if counter % 3 == 1:
chain_to_streams[ch] = [streamPhysicsMain]
elif counter % 3 == 2:
chain_to_streams[ch] = [streamExamplePEB]
elif counter % 3 == 0:
chain_to_streams[ch] = [streamExampleDataScoutingPEB]
menu_json = write_dummy_menu_json(flags, chain_to_streams.keys(), chain_to_streams)
acc = ComponentAccumulator()
# Give the menu json name to HLTConfigSvc
from TrigConfigSvc.TrigConfigSvcCfg import HLTConfigSvcCfg
hltConfigSvcCfg = HLTConfigSvcCfg(flags)
hltConfigSvcCfg.getService("HLTConfigSvc").JsonFileName = menu_json
# Tool adding stream tags to HLT result
stmaker = StreamTagMakerToolCfg()
stmaker.ChainDecisions = 'HLTNav_Summary'
stmaker.PEBDecisionKeys = [str(hypo.HypoOutputDecisions) for hypo in hypo_algs]
# Tool adding HLT bits to HLT result
bitsmaker = TriggerBitsMakerToolCfg()
bitsmaker.ChainDecisions = 'HLTNav_Summary'
# Configure the HLT result maker to use the above tools
from TrigServices.TrigServicesConfig import TrigServicesCfg
trigServicesCfg = TrigServicesCfg(flags)
hltEventLoopMgr = trigServicesCfg.getPrimary()
hltEventLoopMgr.ResultMaker.StreamTagMaker = stmaker
hltEventLoopMgr.ResultMaker.MakerTools = [bitsmaker, serialiser]
return acc
def make_summary_algs(hypo_algs):
summary = CompFactory.TriggerSummaryAlg('TriggerSummaryAlg')
summary.InputDecision = 'HLTSeedingSummary'
summary.FinalDecisions = [str(hypo.HypoOutputDecisions) for hypo in hypo_algs]
summMaker = CompFactory.DecisionSummaryMakerAlg()
summMaker.FinalDecisionKeys = [str(hypo.HypoOutputDecisions) for hypo in hypo_algs]
summMaker.FinalStepDecisions = {}
for hypo in hypo_algs:
for tool in hypo.HypoTools:
summMaker.FinalStepDecisions[tool.getName()] = [str(hypo.HypoOutputDecisions)]'summMaker = %s', summMaker)
return [summary, summMaker]
def hlt_seq_cfg(flags, num_chains, concurrent=False, hackCA2Global=False, hypo_algs=None):
acc = ComponentAccumulator()
# Sequences need to ensure that summary algs run after all hypos
acc.addSequence(parOR('hltHypoSeq'), parentName='hltTop')
acc.addSequence(parOR('hltEndSeq'), parentName='hltTop')
if not hypo_algs:
hypo_algs = make_all_hypo_algs(num_chains, concurrent)
summary_algs = make_summary_algs(hypo_algs)
hlt_result_ca = hlt_result_cfg(flags, hypo_algs)
acc.addEventAlgo(hypo_algs, sequenceName='hltHypoSeq')
acc.addEventAlgo(summary_algs, sequenceName='hltEndSeq')
# Hack to work around a shortcoming of CA2GlobalWrapper when a component
# has an empty ToolHandle and CA adds a tool to the handle
if hackCA2Global:
from AthenaCommon.Configurable import Configurable
prevConfBehav = Configurable.configurableRun3Behavior
from AthenaCommon.AppMgr import ServiceMgr as svcMgr
svcMgr.HltEventLoopMgr.ResultMaker = conf2toConfigurable(acc.getService('HltEventLoopMgr').ResultMaker)
return acc
def write_dummy_menu_json(flags, chains, chain_to_streams):
import json
from TrigConfHLTUtils.HLTUtils import string2hash
from TrigConfigSvc.TrigConfigSvcCfg import getHLTPrescalesSetFileName
menu_dict = dict([
("filetype", "hltmenu"),
("name", _menu_name),
("chains", dict()),
("streams", dict()),
("sequencers", dict())
hlt_ps_dict = dict([
("filetype", "hltprescale"),
("name", _menu_name),
("prescales", dict())
counter = 0
for chain in chains:
# Prepare information for stream list and fill separate dictionary
chain_streams = []
for stream in chain_to_streams[chain]:
stream_name = stream['name']