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remove UFO track thinning from InDetToolsConfig

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......@@ -169,15 +169,6 @@ def JetTrackParticleThinningCfg(ConfigFlags, name, **kwargs):
primary = True)
return acc
# Tracks and CaloClusters associated with UFOs
def UFOTrackParticleThinningCfg(ConfigFlags, name, **kwargs):
"""Configure the JetTrackParticleThinning tool"""
acc = ComponentAccumulator()
UFOTrackParticleThinning = CompFactory.DerivationFramework.UFOTrackParticleThinning
primary = True)
return acc
def TauJetLepRMParticleThinningCfg(ConfigFlags, name, **kwargs):
"""Configure the DiTauTrackParticleThinning tool"""
acc = ComponentAccumulator()
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