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concat instead of redirect so we merge skips

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......@@ -6,16 +6,8 @@ yum install git -y
git clone
cd cern_centos_functional_tests;
# Disable certain tests for docker base image
cat > ./skipped-tests.list <<DELIM
# This file contains list of tests we need/want to skip
# Reason is when there is upstream bug that we're aware of
# So this file should contain:
# - centos version (using $centos_ver)
# - test to skip (tests/p_${name}/
# - reason why it's actually skipped (url to upstream BZ, or bug report)
# Separated by |
7|tests/0_common/|We want to keep CERN repos enabled
# Disable certain tests for docker base image, concat with defaults
cat >> ./skipped-tests.list <<DELIM
7|tests/cern_specific/|No NTP on base image
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