Commit 0d18da2e authored by Andrea Valassi's avatar Andrea Valassi
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Resync to el8/

parent 70c9aac8
......@@ -168,7 +168,7 @@ if [ "${brn}" == "el7" ] || [ "${brn}" == "el8" ]; then
# Add a header to all dependency lists
# Add an additional header to installed dependency lists
printf "HEP_OSlibs meta-package: ${rpm64}\n" > tmph1.txt
printf "HEP_OSlibs current_OS: $(cat /etc/redhat-release)\n" >> tmp1h.txt
printf "HEP_OSlibs current_OS: $(cat /etc/redhat-release)\n" >> tmph1.txt
printf "HEP_OSlibs total_installed_packages: ${installed_pkgs}\n" > tmph2.txt
printf "HEP_OSlibs total_installed_size(bytes): ${installed_size}\n" >> tmph2.txt
printf "\n" > tmph3.txt
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