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Add downloads/aarch64/HEP_OSlibs-8.0.1-2.el8.aarch64.rpm for ARM.

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......@@ -77,6 +77,12 @@ Though the primary target of this rpm is CentOS8/x86_64, the use of generic
* Wed Nov 11 2021 Andrea Valassi 8.0.1-2 (aarch64)
[Requestor: S. Traylen (CERN IT)]
First build on ARM (via 'rpmbuild -bb HEP_OSlibs.spec' on lxplus8-arm).
No change in spec file needed, thanks to %{__isa} tags.
Require 52 packages on aarch64 as on on x86_64 (48 x86-64/aarch-64, 4 noarch).
* Thu Jun 24 2021 Andrea Valassi 8.0.1-2 (x86_64)
[Requestor: M. Litmaath (ALICE)]
Add net-tools (needed by ALICE).
NB: any rpm in this repository is provided ASIS, and, in particular, without any support from the CERN Linux team.
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