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Fix WLCG vs CC7 for legacy release 7.0.3-0.el7

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......@@ -47,17 +47,18 @@ for every el7 legacy release:
Additional information is also available from the gitlab CI,
but has not been committed and tagged in the git repository.
## Current release: 7.0.2-0.el7
<!-- Throughout this file, all occurrences of "7.0.2-0.el7" are
## Current release: 7.0.3-0.el7
<!-- Throughout this file, all occurrences of "7.0.3-0.el7" are
automatically replaced with the latest tag by the script -->
This [](/ belongs to the documentation
for legacy release [7.0.2-0.el7](/../tree/7.0.2-0.el7).
for legacy release [7.0.3-0.el7](/../tree/7.0.3-0.el7).
The x86_64 meta-package for legacy release 7.0.2-0.el7 is available from the
[WLCG]( repository at CERN
(this version is not available from the [centos/7/cern]( repository):
- download
The x86_64 meta-package for legacy release 7.0.3-0.el7 is available from the
[WLCG]( and
[centos/7/cern]( repositories at CERN:
- download
- download
The following information for this release is available in gitlab:
- the spec file used to build the package: <br>
......@@ -69,12 +70,12 @@ see [HEP_OSlibs.x86_64.dependencies-recursive-flat.txt](dependencies/HEP_OSlibs.
- installed dependencies, as a list (from `rpm -qa`, before and after installation): <br/>
see [HEP_OSlibs.x86_64.dependencies-installed.txt](dependencies/HEP_OSlibs.x86_64.dependencies-installed.txt)
<!-- GITURL = -- DO NOT DELETE! -->
<!-- GITURL = -- DO NOT DELETE! -->
The three dependency lists mentioned above, plus the following information,
are also available for download as gitlab CI
- recursive dependencies, as a tree (from `repoquery --tree-requires`): <br/>
download [HEP_OSlibs.x86_64.dependencies-recursive-tree.txt](
download [HEP_OSlibs.x86_64.dependencies-recursive-tree.txt](
## License
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