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Scientific Linux CERN 6 (SLC6) Docker images.
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# Scientific Linux CERN 6 Docker images
## What is Scientific Linux CERN 6 (SLC6)
Scientific Linux CERN 5 is a Linux distribution build within the framework of Scientific Linux which in turn is rebuilt from the freely available Red Hat Enterprise Linux 6 (Server) product sources under terms and conditions of the Red Hat EULA. Scientific Linux CERN is built to integrate into the CERN computing environment but it is not a site-specific product: all CERN site customizations are optional and can be deactivated for external users.
## Current release: SLC 6.8
Scientific Linux CERN 6.8 is the current minor release of SLC6
## Available tags
latest (same as the most up to date tag of form: YYYYMMDD)
20160617 (broken: problems with aufs storage driver)
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