Commit 8aeb6bcf authored by Andrew McNab's avatar Andrew McNab
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exec in mjf-job-wrapper for HTCondor

parent 6acc1ecd
......@@ -69,8 +69,7 @@ already defined, then this can simply be done by setting
USER_JOB_WRAPPER = /usr/sbin/mjf-job-wrapper in the HTCondor configuration.
If a job wrapper is already being used, then it must be modified to run
/usr/sbin/make-jobfeatures in the way mjf-job-wrapper does,
including exporting $JOBFEATURES and $MACHINEFEATURES to the job itself
and removing the $JOBFEATURES directory when the job finishes.
including exporting $JOBFEATURES and $MACHINEFEATURES to the job itself.
$JOBFEATURES/hs06_job is calculated from $MACHINEFEATURES/hs06 with a pro-rata
share for the job in question, based on $JOBFEATURES/allocated_cpu which is
......@@ -51,10 +51,4 @@ if [ -d /etc/machinefeatures ] ; then
export MACHINEFEATURES=/etc/machinefeatures
# We tidy these up. They are in /tmp by default so we could just
# leave them to be removed by the system instead.
if [ -d "$JOBFEATURES" ] ; then
exec "$@"
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