Commit a8c1b901 authored by Andrew McNab's avatar Andrew McNab
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Add (re)set to ondemand freq governor

parent a615920b
......@@ -42,10 +42,7 @@ start() {
# Try to use full CPU speed for benchmarking
modprobe acpi-cpufreq
for i in /sys/devices/system/cpu/cpu*/cpufreq/scaling_governor
echo performance > $i
for i in /sys/devices/system/cpu/cpu*/cpufreq/scaling_governor ; do echo performance > $i ; done
# Get the total benchmark for this machine, assuming $total_cpu jobslots
db12_sum=`/usr/sbin/ --iterations=$iterations --extra-iteration $total_cpu | head -1 | cut -f2 -d' '`
......@@ -54,6 +51,9 @@ start() {
echo "$db12_sum" > /etc/db12/db12
# Set the governor to ondemand, in case run outside the SysV boot and not followed by cpuspeed
for i in /sys/devices/system/cpu/cpu*/cpufreq/scaling_governor ; do echo ondemand > $i ; done
return 0
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