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What to do to run the TDD with r21 AODs What to do to run the TDD with r21 AODs
--------------------------------------- ---------------------------------------
Go to a new clean environment and run :
```bash ```bash
setupATLAS setupATLAS
git clone ssh:// git clone ssh://
source training-dataset-dumper/
mkdir build mkdir build
cd build cd build
cmake ../training-dataset-dumper cmake ../training-dataset-dumper
make make
source x*/ source x*/
cd ../training-dataset-dumper/BTagTrainingPreprocessing/bin / #where the ca-dump-upgrade file is cd ../training-dataset-dumper/BTagTrainingPreprocessing/bin / #where the ca-dump-upgrade file is
./ ca-dump-upgrade -c ../../configs/single-b-tag/upgrade.json /AOD.root. ./ ca-dump-upgrade -c ../../configs/single-b-tag/upgrade.json AOD.root.
Restoring the setup
The next time you want to use the utility run from the project directory
source training-dataset-dumper/
source build/x*/
``` ```
Installation Installation
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