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    ATR-10470: Added MC_HI_v3 to TriggerFlags (TriggerJobOpts-00-04-84) · 469fdf99
    Catrin Bernius authored
    	* Added MC_HI_v3 to the TriggerFlags (ATR-10470)
    	* TriggerJobOpts-00-04-84
    2015-03-07  Tomasz Bold
    	* switched off slimming in ESDtoAOD jobs
    	* TriggerJobOpts-00-04-83
    2015-03-06  Tomasz Bold
    	* fixed option passed to slimming (no varaibles to be dropped are needed)
    	* TriggerJobOpts-00-04-82
    2015-03-06 Francesca Pastore
    	* Added postConfigure() function to HLTSimulationGetter constructor to add
    	access to the menu (ATR-10122). Files using this class are
    	modified to use the correct constructor
    	*  TriggerJobOpts-00-04-81
    2015-03-04 Catrin Bernius
    	* Removed BeamSplash from TriggerFlags as not needed
    	* TriggerJobOpts-00-04-80
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