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    Merge branch 'propagat_TE_data' into '22.0-mc20' · 85f67b07
    Peter Berta authored and Atlas Nightlybuild's avatar Atlas Nightlybuild committed
    [ATR-24058][ATR-24141] Working to add R2 trigger TE data to R3 JSON structure to enable feature access from R22 AODs created from R2 data
    See merge request atlas/athena!46419
    (cherry picked from commit 89442554)
    6a3c59d7 working to add R2 TE data to R3 JSON structure
    b9133381 Add standalone signatures data
    86dc0214 do not copy seq list, causes segfault on destruct
    f09bf609 Change RAWtoALL/ESD/AOD slimming of R2 trigger navigation structures. Remove...