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    tauRec: implement timing cut on cells that seed pi0 topoclustering · 98626efc
    Bertrand Martin authored
    This MR is implementing a timing cut on the cells that seed the pi0 topoclustering, as discussed [at the reconstruction meeting](https://indico.cern.ch/event/1086705/contributions/4568518/attachments/2330839/3972063/RIG_timeCut_19_10_21.pdf).
    The timing cut for our standalone topoclustering is controlled with the same CaloRec flags as for standard topoclustering, with the exception of the hardcoded `TimeCutUpperLimit` value (currently, `TimeCutUpperLimit` is also hardcoded wherever used, this might be harmonised by introducing a new CaloRec flag is a same value suits all clients).
    The MR was tested with q431 and q221 on 40 events.
    By default, as the timing cut is not enabled, the tau reconstruction output is unchanged.
    When switching it on (`--preExec "RAWtoESD:from CaloRec.CaloTopoClusterFlags import jobproperties; jobproperties.CaloTopoClusterFlags.doTimeCut=True; jobproperties.CaloTopoClusterFlags.extendTimeCut=True; jobpropert...