Commit 0882bd63 authored by John Derek Chapman's avatar John Derek Chapman Committed by Atlas Nightlybuild
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Merge branch 'fixTrklink' into '21.3'

Propagate the correct track link to sTGC SDO

See merge request atlas/athena!22050

(cherry picked from commit f28bd503)

7f8d8252 Add the correct track link in STGC SDO
parent c0a2f7f6
......@@ -699,7 +699,7 @@ StatusCode sTgcDigitizationTool::doDigitization() {
ATH_MSG_VERBOSE(" charge = " << newDigit->charge()) ;
// Create a MuonSimData (SDO) corresponding to the digit
MuonSimData::Deposit deposit(hit.particleLink(), MuonMCData(hit.depositEnergy(), tof));
MuonSimData::Deposit deposit(trklink, MuonMCData(hit.depositEnergy(), tof));
std::vector<MuonSimData::Deposit> deposits;
MuonSimData simData(deposits, hit.particleEncoding());
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