Commit 13f68f0b authored by Rafal Bielski's avatar Rafal Bielski Committed by Edward Moyse
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Leave default EDMDecodingVersion in online reco mode (no input file)

parent 94c5da91
......@@ -23,6 +23,10 @@ def EDMDecodingVersion():
# Check HLT ROD version in first event of first input file
from AthenaCommon.AthenaCommonFlags import athenaCommonFlags
inputFileName = athenaCommonFlags.FilesInput()[0]
if not inputFileName and athenaCommonFlags.isOnline():"Online reconstruction mode, no input file available. Leaving default TriggerFlags.EDMDecodingVersion=%d", TriggerFlags.EDMDecodingVersion())
import eformat
from libpyeformat_helper import SubDetector
bs = eformat.istream(inputFileName)
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