Commit 20f27ed5 authored by Peter Berta's avatar Peter Berta
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Merge branch '22.0-dq-13p6TeV' into '22.0'

Fix suffix matching to make more generic

See merge request atlas/athena!53831
parents 23b185d3 21d063a6
......@@ -28,12 +28,8 @@ def getmodule(modname):
# Does it match a pattern?
if (modname.endswith('_900GeV')
or modname.endswith('_2p76TeV')
or modname.endswith('_5TeV')
or modname.endswith('_7TeV')
or modname.endswith('_8TeV')
or modname.endswith('_13TeV')
if (modname.endswith('GeV')
or modname.endswith('TeV')
or modname.endswith('_calib')
or modname.endswith('_comm')):
from . import base_data; return base_data
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