Commit 295fff41 authored by Jiří Mašík's avatar Jiří Mašík
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basic autoconfiguration of the EDMDecodingVersion from the AOD

parent 2ee22263
...@@ -48,15 +48,17 @@ def EDMDecodingVersion(): ...@@ -48,15 +48,17 @@ def EDMDecodingVersion():
ItemDic=inputFileSummary.get("eventdata_itemsDic") ItemDic=inputFileSummary.get("eventdata_itemsDic")
ItemList=inputFileSummary.get('eventdata_itemsList') ItemList=inputFileSummary.get('eventdata_itemsList')
TriggerFlags.doMergedHLTResult = True
if cfgKeyStore.isInInputFile( "HLTResult", "HLTResult_EF" ): if cfgKeyStore.isInInputFile( "HLTResult", "HLTResult_EF" ):
TriggerFlags.EDMDecodingVersion = 1 TriggerFlags.EDMDecodingVersion = 1
TriggerFlags.doMergedHLTResult = False TriggerFlags.doMergedHLTResult = False"Decoding version set to 1, because HLTResult_EF found in pool file")"Decoding version set to 1, because HLTResult_EF found in pool file")
elif cfgKeyStore.isInInputFile( "HLTResult", "HLTResult_HLT"): elif cfgKeyStore.isInInputFile( "HLTResult", "HLTResult_HLT"):
TriggerFlags.EDMDecodingVersion = 2 TriggerFlags.EDMDecodingVersion = 2
TriggerFlags.doMergedHLTResult = True elif cfgKeyStore.isInInputFile( "xAOD::TrigCompositeContainer", "HLTSummary"):
TriggerFlags.EDMDecodingVersion = 3
else: else:
log.warning("No HLTResult found in pool file") log.warning("Cannot recognise HLT EDM format, TriggerFlags.EDMDecodingVersion=%d" % TriggerFlags.EDMDecodingVersion())
pass pass
pass pass
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