Commit 56f4e14c authored by Johannes Elmsheuser's avatar Johannes Elmsheuser
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Merge branch 'master-TrigVal-fixpostexec' into 'master'

Fix for ATR-21929

Closes ATR-21929

See merge request atlas/athena!44072
parents 208de525 9abed40a
......@@ -194,7 +194,7 @@ class ExecStep(Step):
# Transform case
if self.type.endswith('_tf'):
new_cmd = '--preExec {:s} "{:s}"'.format(old_cmd, precommand)
self.args = self.args.replace(, new_cmd)
self.args = self.args.replace(opt_match, new_cmd)
# athena(HLT) case
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