Commit 5d8bacc4 authored by Rafal Bielski's avatar Rafal Bielski
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Ensure dependency between TrigBSExtraction and RoiWriter

parent ab82fa17
......@@ -202,6 +202,9 @@ class ByteStreamUnpackGetterRun2(Configured):
from TrigBSExtraction.TrigBSExtractionConf import TrigBSExtraction
extr = TrigBSExtraction()
# Add fictional output to ensure data dependency in AthenaMT
extr.ExtraOutputs += [("TrigBSExtractionOutput", "StoreGateSvc+TrigBSExtractionOutput")]
if hasHLT:
from TrigNavigation.TrigNavigationConfig import HLTNavigationOffline
extr.Navigation = HLTNavigationOffline()
......@@ -440,7 +443,10 @@ class HLTTriggerResultGetter(Configured):
if rec.doAOD() or rec.doWriteAOD():
# schedule the RoiDescriptorStore conversion
# log.warning( "HLTTriggerResultGetter - setting up RoiWriter" )
topSequence += RoiWriter()
roiWriter = RoiWriter()
# Add fictional input to ensure data dependency in AthenaMT
roiWriter.ExtraInputs += [("TrigBSExtractionOutput", "StoreGateSvc+TrigBSExtractionOutput")]
topSequence += roiWriter
# write out the RoiDescriptorStores
from TrigEDMConfig.TriggerEDMRun2 import TriggerRoiList
objKeyStore.addManyTypesStreamAOD( TriggerRoiList )
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