Commit 637f9e9d authored by Rafal Bielski's avatar Rafal Bielski
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Use eformat python event iterator instead of robs() method

parent 770ab2e3
......@@ -29,11 +29,8 @@ def EDMDecodingVersion():
rodVersionM = -1
rodVersionL = -1
# Do an empty loop over all robs to work around memory allocation problem ATR-20480
for robf in bs[0].robs()[0]:
# Find the first HLT ROBFragment in the first event
for robf in bs[0].robs()[0]:
for robf in bs[0]:
if robf.rob_source_id().subdetector_id()==SubDetector.TDAQ_HLT:
rodVersionM = robf.rod_minor_version() >> 8
rodVersionL = robf.rod_minor_version() & 0xFF
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