Commit 724ec2ff authored by Vakhtang Tsulaia's avatar Vakhtang Tsulaia
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Merge branch 'tf_dbkeys' into 'master'

TrigT1Monitoring: do not setup LVL1ConfigSvc in new DQ

Closes ATR-24359

See merge request atlas/athena!47374
parents 804b9002 e1faa9d6
......@@ -18,10 +18,6 @@ def LVL1InterfacesMonitoringCfg(flags):
if not flags.DQ.triggerDataAvailable:
return result
# to deal with trigger menu updates
from TrigConfigSvc.TrigConfigSvcCfg import L1ConfigSvcCfg
isData = not flags.Input.isMC
# monitoring algorithm configs
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