Commit 9061dcdf authored by James Beacham's avatar James Beacham Committed by Atlas Nightlybuild
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Merge branch 'fixRun1TriggerDecoding' into '21.0'

ATR-18864 Add missing configuration for reconstruction of Run-1 bytestream.

See merge request atlas/athena!15893

(cherry picked from commit c6efdd80 [formerly 6f437cc6e922e53e34c9a59a8e763caea9cc7eba])

5fd34ba4 Add missing configuration for reconstruction of Run-1 bytestream.

Former-commit-id: 0775c077d9b727460a0d13a3bad3b6ebded96c25
parent 5ae9f1c8
......@@ -39,6 +39,7 @@ def EDMDecodingVersion():
#Run1 data
if runNumber > 0 and runNumber < 230000 :
TriggerFlags.EDMDecodingVersion = 1
TriggerFlags.doMergedHLTResult = False"decoding version set to 1, because running on BS file from Run1")
......@@ -49,9 +50,11 @@ def EDMDecodingVersion():
if cfgKeyStore.isInInputFile( "HLTResult", "HLTResult_EF" ):
TriggerFlags.EDMDecodingVersion = 1
TriggerFlags.doMergedHLTResult = False"Decoding version set to 1, because HLTResult_EF found in pool file")
elif cfgKeyStore.isInInputFile( "HLTResult", "HLTResult_HLT"):
TriggerFlags.EDMDecodingVersion = 2
TriggerFlags.doMergedHLTResult = True
log.warning("No HLTResult found in pool file")
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