Commit 93005143 authored by Tim Martin's avatar Tim Martin
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MT ordering of run 2 trigger algs

parent 66d19a3b
......@@ -92,6 +92,8 @@ class ByteStreamUnpackGetterRun1or2(Configured):
extr = TrigBSExtraction()
# Add fictional output to ensure data dependency in AthenaMT
# Keeping the run 2 workflow, we run this after we have put the full serialised navigation into xAOD
extr.ExtraInputs += [("xAOD::TrigNavigation", "StoreGateSvc+TrigNavigation")]
extr.ExtraOutputs += [("TrigBSExtractionOutput", "StoreGateSvc+TrigBSExtractionOutput")]
if hasHLT:
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