Commit 9fbd3ed4 authored by Vakhtang Tsulaia's avatar Vakhtang Tsulaia
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Merge branch 'tamartin-master-patch-78017' into 'master'

[ATR-24382] Update TrigDecisionMakerMT.cxx to set setEFPassedPhysics to the same as setEFPassedRaw

See merge request atlas/athena!47477
parents 4c2a2ef6 4e01cd6c
...@@ -156,7 +156,10 @@ TrigDec::TrigDecisionMakerMT::execute(const EventContext &context) const ...@@ -156,7 +156,10 @@ TrigDec::TrigDecisionMakerMT::execute(const EventContext &context) const
return StatusCode::FAILURE; return StatusCode::FAILURE;
} }
// Run 3 note: with only a two-level system, with no passthrough bit, no resurrection bit
// the raw-pass equates to the physics-pass.
trigDec->setEFPassedRaw(passRaw); trigDec->setEFPassedRaw(passRaw);
trigDec->setEFPrescaled(prescaled); trigDec->setEFPrescaled(prescaled);
} }
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