Commit a30ed087 authored by Peter Berta's avatar Peter Berta Committed by Atlas Nightlybuild
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Merge branch 'ATLASRECTS-6621' into '22.0-mc20'


See merge request atlas/athena!47274

(cherry picked from commit 24251563)

585a6e4f Reject tracks without perigees
parent d0f728fc
......@@ -2732,6 +2732,10 @@ namespace Rec {
std::unique_ptr<Trk::Track> track =
std::make_unique<Trk::Track>(, std::move(trackStateOnSurfaces), nullptr);
if (!track->perigeeParameters()){
ATH_MSG_DEBUG("Reject track without perigee.");
return nullptr;
dumpCaloEloss(track.get(), " createExtrapolatedTrack ");
if (msgLevel(MSG::DEBUG)) countAEOTs(track.get(), " createExtrapolatedTrack before fit ");
......@@ -2746,7 +2750,6 @@ namespace Rec {
(particleHypothesis == Trk::nonInteracting ? " using nonInteracting hypothesis" : "usig interacting hypothesis"));
std::unique_ptr<Trk::Track> fittedTrack{fit(*track, ctx, runOutlier, particleHypothesis)};
if (fittedTrack) {
if (msgLevel(MSG::DEBUG)) countAEOTs(fittedTrack.get(), " createExtrapolatedTrack after fit");
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